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Don't end up with RavioliCode!

As a sort of warning towards people starting out with OOP and trying to turn every little tidbit of a possible object into a (sub)class, I would like to say this:

Don't end up with RavioliCode.

For those familiar with the well-known SpaghettiCode nightmare, RavioliCode is the exact opposite and can be an equally big nightmare. Too many (sub)classes are confusing and you'll end up looking for the right (sub)class more than anything else. Use common sense :)

Ofcourse, there's also LasagnaCode.

I don't know how Italian cuisine got pulled into coding, but if anybody else has any programming terms using some kind of cuisine, let us know! After all, not everybody is into pasta.


You should definitely check out the book "Refactoring" by Martin Fowler. It will teach you how to avoid all kinds of pasta. Changed my life!

PolentaCode: a big solid block of creamy goodness, not quite as discrete and granular as RisottoCode...? ;-)

Hahaha...I like that, John! I imagine RisottoCode also requires constant stirring and maintenance when new code is added to the pot. ;-)

Keith, I'll put that on my wish list of books to get. Thanks!

I found the wiki page on ravioliCode very interesting. Seems that not everyone is against it.

Some like pasta more than others, Kristin :)