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Cell Project Update

Frances administered the quiz on Monday, to two sessions of seventh graders. Today we met and went over the results. We knew there would be a performance gap (test scores less than perfect), but we were still surprised. The students had been tested on the material only two weeks before, yet students that had scored well on the official test didn't even pass our quiz. Was the quiz harder? Nope, the questions were almost identical. Does this mean that the students are not retaining the information after the exam? Very likely. Frances will be posting more about this in the project blog.

We also brainstormed ideas for the learning tool. How can we make the material more tangible to the student? Our time is limited, so rather than cover both animal and plant cells we're focusing on the animal cell for this version. We're going to animate the functions of each organelle, in addition to providing labels and text explanations, when the user clicks on a part of the cell. This version will basically be a prototype of a larger project we'll be working on over the next several months.

I've uploaded some new documents for the project, including the quiz.