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Thank You!

It takes a lot to make a great event come together. Our recent book signing and benefit event is no exception, and a lot of people have my gratitude.

First I'd like to send out a great big "Thank You!" to Steve Rycroft, for asking me to write a chapter for New Masters of Flash. I am deeply honored to be included in this unique book.

The folks at friends of Ed generously donated books as door prizes...so many that we will also have some prizes for future competitions here at GalaxyGoo (hint, hint...stay tuned for upcoming GalaxyGoo challenges).

Cover to Cover Booksellers--not only did they host the event, but they made everything run smoothly. Paula, Tracy, and Mark...Thank you!

Drew (at Plumpjack on 24th street ) helped us out with the wine and donated a whole case for door prizes.

It's a good thing this isn't an awards show, or they'd be dragging me off the stage now. But there are still more people to thank. Even more food and door prizes were donated by Trader Joe's, PlumpJack, The Ark, Chocolate Covered, Bay Area Discovery Museum, and Acme Bakery.

John Ricker loaned us wine glasses for the tasting. John runs a non-profit that melts down guns and makes art from the metal.

Saving the best for last...special thanks go to Vera Fleischer for donating a copy of Studio MX 2004 as a door prize. Becky Allen is an artist with food, she did an amazing job with the platters. Frances Segal was an incredible help in all things, from planning to finish. And we couldn't have done it without Jono Marcus, who coordinated the entire event.

At the event, we gave out a short list of links about current state of Science education: