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The next task I face is using the Keyframes to animate Mickey’s mouth to say, “Hello! I’m Mickey Mouse.” The course tutorial was vague and so I have asked Kristin to breakdown what a Keyframe is and what is its function in Flash. My understanding is that Keyframes are sections in the Timeline where specific actions occur. However, I must admit that despite Kristin’s brief explanation I am still unclear on how to use and manipulate them for the purposes at hand, getting Mickey to speak. Hopefully by next week Mickey will be chattering away.

Keyframes, Keyframes
Okay, after a few diagrams and lengthier explanations I think I more fully understand Keyframes. Keyframes are the sections in the Timeline where the user can dictate the action of the object, like Mickey Mouse, on the stage.


Frames are the minimal unit of time where any visible change to yr movie can occur, at runtime.

The KEYframe is an authoring environment concept/resource. It represents any moment in time where the movie creator can manually produce a viewable change to the movie.

Just my two cents :P