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It's Mathematical Break-Through Season!

I'm not sure if it's 'that time of the year' or something, but this past week has been very exciting for mathematicians with 2 age-old problems possibly being solved once and for all.

First off there was the news that a Russian had apparently solved the Poincaré Conjecture, one of the 7 Millennium Problems, each worth $1 million. He already shared this with the world a while ago, but it seems fellow mathematicians have recently confirmed the results.

Then yesterday a Dutch college issued a press release (in Dutch), that one of its students had constructed a method to find the roots of polynomials of random degree which always converges. The publication itself, in English, can be read here with a PDF describing the actual method (it seems to be a really slow server tho, try the Google cache version of the publication and the PDF (in HTML form)).

I guess I can start looking for new challenges now :)


Don't give up yet, Edwin...there's still 5 million US$ to be made there.


$6 million really since the second 'break-through' isn't one of the Millennium Problems (unless ofcourse another one of those besides the Poincare Conjecture is solved already) :)