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GalaxyGoo In The Local News

If you happen to be in the Noe Valley neighborhood of San Francisco, pick up a copy of the Noe Valley Voice (September, 2004). On the bottom of page 27, you'll find a short article about GalaxyGoo, Flash, New Masters of Flash, and the September 16th event. It's a rather flattering article.

Update (Sept 13,04):
The article is now online--about half way down the page. --thanks Elliot for posting about it in the comments.


And if you DON'T happen to be in Noe Valley, you can read the article here: http://www.noevalleyvoice.com/2004/September/Shor.html

(scroll down a bit once you get there)

Thanks, Elliot! They hadn't put the new issue online yet when I made the post. Are you coming to the event? Be sure to say hi, if you are.