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Some Cellular Automata variations

One of the most talked-about books in mathematics of the past few years has been A New Kind Of Sciene by Stephen Wolfram. It is all about the wonderful and intriguing world of Cellular Automata. But it is also a hefty read that can be very overwhelming and theoretical.

The links-section of the Cell-Auto.com site has an incredible amount of links regarding the subject, but 2 sites which refreshed my interest in implementing CA in Flash again this past week are Modern Cellular Automata and the Cellular Automata rules lexicon. They offer applets, pictures & rules of a variety of types/families of Cellular Automata (1D & 2D) that show the amazing complexity and variety that these relatively simple rules & concepts can provide. These are perfect for showing the beauty of Cellular Automata to people who are new to the subject.