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Off Topic: Are you a geek or a nerd?

I'm a geek and proud. I'm not sure why I think of myself as a geek instead of a nerd, but that's just how it is. I spent years repressing my geeky tendencies. I guess it just wasn't very acceptable to be a geeky girl. My grandfather tried to talk me out of pursuing a life in science. When I told him I was a geek at heart, my father replied that "geeks are circus freaks that bite the heads off of chickens". Hmm...I really don't think he got the point ;-)

When I finally embraced my geeky-ness I found true happiness. I started asking questions in class...lots of questions. And I got lots of answers. I met other geeks. We were cool, in our own way.

Some folks use "geek" and "nerd" interchangeably. What are you? A geek or a nerd?


Geek. I have a social life, go clubbing, can carry on a conversation, have pretty good hygene, decent grammar, articulate when I want to be, and enough common sense and sociability to distiquish me from a nerd.

Nerd's are anti-social, non-socially adepts. The tend to be smart like geeks, but lack most of the traits above to make them pleasant to be around in some way... except by other nerds.

Geek n' proud, sucka!

I am right there with you. I have always considered myself a geek but, was always put off by someone calling me a nerd.

Although I have never been able to explain really what I thought the difference was. But what I have come down to that I consider geeks to be people who are enthused by technology. The code, hack, and dream up the systems that make our world work.

Nerds to me are the guys at the star trek convention. They appreciate the Sci-Fi/Technology features of the world but dont quest to know what makes them work.

Others may disaggree but these where my conclusions.

geek. in my oppinion nerds are people who choose a life of nerdyness, geeks however choose a life of knowing geeky things yet keeping a reasonable level of coolness, or atleast being sociable

With so many geeks around it might be funny to be a nerd again :o) Is it even sociable to say that one is a nerd, when everybody else says, they're geeks? Is that a question, that only a nerd can ask? Is it even clever to tell by ourselfs, if we are geeks or nerds, when that telling tends to make us the opposite? And in the end, who really cares ....

Only geeks could be inept enough to convince themselves that they aren't nerds.

Geek. All the way.
I'm geeky in the " must read everything, have gadgets" type of way. I never asked questions in class. I always looked up the answers- have been quite resourceful that way. Now, I ask- sometimes too many questions.

I remember my past pair of glasses - they were serious cat eye styles, and seriously, i got them a) cos they suited me and b) cos they had this kinda geeky appeal that I felt comfortable with.
I just bought a new pair of glasses for similiar reasons.

Geekinesss is hawt.

i think you get so many "i'm a geek" comments because geeks read weblogs and nerds read usenet (or IRC if they need the immediate nerd social interaction).

geek all the way

100% nerd... hence my nickname XemonerdX.

I just happen to have many geek-traits as well...

I guess I combine the best of 2 worlds... *ahum* :)