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JavaScript MathML Library

Recently I came across ASCIIMathML, which is a JavaScript-library which can display MathML based on simple ASCII math notation. It translates ASCII math to MathML. Another cool example of using MathML on the Web!

It does require the MathPlayer for IE (Gecko-based browsers such as Mozilla and Firefox have built-in MathML-support).


Hey Edwin!

That's a great package ... reading the comments page brought up another application: jsMath, a TeX-based input js displayer that seems to be more complex, supporting most browsers with or without TeX fonts installed.


However, both apps are only for display, with no link to a number cruncher (that is, as far as I can see upon first inspection). Hopefully our completed Flash-based editor will be able to send its content markup to webMathematica for the calculations to provide the user with a full utility.