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It's been two years!

As of today, this blog's been online for two years. To celebrate, I'm posting something completely off topic and somewhat silly.

When I saw this truck today, I just had to pull out my camera.

funny moving van


Congrats on 2 years! I can't say I've ever seen a moving truck with that much character before... :-)

Thanks, Darron.

The bird in the cage, and the body "vapors", are just too funny. I couldn't believe they were on the side of a moving van as part of a branding project.

Kristen, congrats on two years!

I'm at nearly a month on my own authors/personal blog, and I decided it was time to review GalaxyGoo. I hadn't realized you'd been doing this that long!

I'll have the review on my site (bastique.com) for yesterday's date (7/24) if you want to check it out.