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Updated Neuro Simulation

I've been doing some work on our Neuromuscular Junction Simulation lately. What motivated me to finally get back to this project? Well, in March I was asked to write a chapter about it for the upcoming edition of New Masters of Flash. Wow, I have all new respect for folks who write tutorials. It's one thing to build a project and another altogether to explain how to build it.

More recently, with Phyllis's help on the neuroscience, I've also added some of the different "treatments" to the simulation. So, now the student (end-user) can run simulations of various conditions as well as a normal stimulus and response at the neuromuscular junction (where a nerve ending connects with a muscle and transmits a signal).

By the way, if you'd like to support GalaxyGoo and you plan on purchasing a copy of New Masters of Flash: Volume Three anyway, we hope you'll consider ordering through our affiliate link to Stacey's bookstore.