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International Mathematica Symposium 2004

International Mathematica Symposium - Banff, Alberta, Canada ... Aug. 1-6, 2004

So close but yet so far! I didn't get the Wolfram email until after their June 15 early registration deadline, but I can't afford the registration fee either way!

Student $300, now $500 (CAD)
Regular $500, now $800
Tutorials $200, now $300 each

If anyone needs representation at the symposium and wants to SAVE THE AIRFARE TO CALGARY, I just happen to be in the neighborhood, and I'm a student ... call me! :)


I wish I could go, too. Maybe next year?

Kristin, you should try to go there as a speaker! Flash & webMathematic isn't a very common combo is it? :)

I hope to submit a paper for next year's conference. This year is very busy, already :-)