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Silent Spamming Article

I just came across this article on silent spamming: The Admin Zone Forums - Security: Silent Spamming - Is your Website Being Abused?

I'm curious about how big of a problem this has become. Is it as common as blog-comment spam? It's been a big pain for me, on our forums.


I've noticed that a few bloggers have adopted a password submission for comments, where the user must enter the password that is displayed as a .jpg or .gif graphic. A trolling bot won't recognize the displayed password without the presence of fonts, preventing auto-spamming of the comments.

That's a good technique, too. In the blogs, I've found that turning off comments on old posts works very well for avoiding comment-spam. But then it does cut the conversation off.

There may be new features in the software we use for the forums, but I'm reluctant to upgrade yet. I'm still hoping to get the in-house stuff integrated with the forums and the blogs...one of the big items on my to-do list :-)