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May 23, 2004

When's the bus gonna get here?

This is one of the most useful things on the web I've ever seen: NextBus Stop Selector. I can't believe I hadn't discovered it before!

It gives the real time for the next expected bus/train at any given stop in San Francisco. If you've ever depended on Muni to get around the city, you'll know that there can be quite a difference between what the official schedule says and what the real-time schedule is.

The live map shows the location of busses in real-time with a Java applet. I got a geeky thrill watching the J-Church line make it's way down Church Street.

May 22, 2004

Games, object & puzzles inspired by math, physics & logic

After just seeing a small 'exhibition' by this wonderful company at a local bookstore, I thought I'd put it up on here since it falls within the GalaxyGoo scope of interest :)

If anybody is ever in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, I can recommend this store called Arabesk (open by appointment only). They sell objects, games & puzzles which have been inspired by physics, mathematics & logic. Some examples are this wooden fractaltree and this puzzle, but there are many more intriguing objects.

They also sell online if you can't make it to Rotterdam.

May 21, 2004

What is the context for a programming language?

What is the context for a programming language? Is it within the history of the language itself? Perhaps, it's actually within the context of all programming languages.

This became obvious to me a couple months ago, over drinks with a bunch of Flash developers. At one point we were talking about changes we liked and didn't like in ActionScript. One change that I wasn't happy with was that I'd heard "1" and "0" may no longer default to "true" and "false". While I was focused on the internal context of the change, Sas Jacobs brought up an excellent point: in many other languages the defaults are different. She uses "true" and "false" to avoid mistakes when switching back and forth between different languages.

May 20, 2004

New math-software: 'Simple Equation'

It's great to see there's a new piece of software called 'Simple Equation' which can display mathematical formula's inside a browser without the need for MathML-plugins (not that such a plugin is such a bad thing ofcourse!). It uses PHP on the server-side of things (with the GD & FreeType extensions) and displays the formula as a PNG-image.

If people are aware of any science-oriented software (preferably Free Open Source Software) that we might not be aware of, please don't hesitate to let us know...

May 15, 2004

Silent Spamming Article

I just came across this article on silent spamming: The Admin Zone Forums - Security: Silent Spamming - Is your Website Being Abused?

I'm curious about how big of a problem this has become. Is it as common as blog-comment spam? It's been a big pain for me, on our forums.

May 03, 2004

NSF Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge

National Science Foundation and Science call for entries to the 2004 Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge

Categories include

  • Photos/still images

  • Illustrations

  • Explanatory Graphics

  • Interactive Media

  • Non-interactive Media

Entry Deadline: May 31, 2004