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MKMC call for papers on Mathematical User Interfaces

Are you working on mathematical user interfaces? Perhaps you should submit a proposal for this workshop:

Math UI workshop

The impact of mathematical knowledge management on user interfaces
is only begininning to show. In interactive proof construction,
some systems are able to suggest suitable theorems to apply to
subgoals by harvesting online libraries; in computer algebra,
folding/unfolding and automatic completion of terms helps
the user with the input of complex expressions.

Paradigms on how to use third-party software from within
a preferred GUI are emerging and promise to innovate
the notion of mathematical workspace.

This workshop wants to focus on novel aspects of UI brought
forward by the developments in MKM.
It would like to bring together researchers and practioneers
working with contemporary mathematical user-interfaces, including,
but not limited to:
- mathematical knowledge presentation
- interactivity with mathematical objects
- interactive simulations
- mathematical objects input and manipulations.
- access to mathematical knowledge