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Terradotta MathML/Flash

Brandon Lee, of terradotta.com, has been working on a nice MathML wysiwyg in Flash. Take a look at what he's accomplished so far. Very impressive.

Be sure to scroll down the page to the demo version's link.

Update: Brandon is the manager for this project, not the coder. Sorry for any confusion.


Looks great! I think he's using webMathematica .msps to generate a gif/jpg return, which we can already can do with our webMathematica scripts. Also, I tried entering '\u221A' to display unicode glyph text, but instead of displaying a squareroot sign, it broke the string up into mi, mo, an mn tags!

Thanks for checking it out, Richard. MathIWYG actually uses no server-side component to do the rendering of the math expressions. The entire engine is contained within the Flash application, which parses, generates and renders MathML from user input, in both directions: GUI to MathML; MathML to GUI.

We do use webMathematica in conjunction with MathIWYG in our learning CMS software, Edufolio, for generating math images to be displayed inline on web pages. But I should emphasize: no server-side component such as webMathematica is required for MathIWYG to operate.

Also, I should mention that MathIWYG has a viewer component built in the same parser/renderer in Flash that can be embedded inline with HTML and dynamically resizes itself to the area of the content. A demo of this piece is forthcoming.

Hi Garrett,

I presume that you are the author for MathIWYG?? Excellent work! We have a MathML Reader/Writer project underway as well, although it's not nearly as complete as your app. We haven't yet decided if we will market the application for Galaxygoo's benefit or provide it to the community as open source.

If possible, could you share some of your development concepts? We use a collection of nested movieClips to render the presentation markup. Edwin has authored a class library for 16 of the presentation tags to support his AS2 examples, which I am utilizing as a basis for my app. I extended the examples to include the entire w3c testsuite, but I haven't further developed the library to support all of the presentation tags, and there is no support for content yet (although the mark-up editor populates correctly for all of the examples.) I'm presently working on saving the markup as a local SharedObject .. it already saves as new XML in session. Since content is such a large collection, I am considering employing the w3c MathML Schema with geral class handling instead of developing individual classes for each tag as our design presently uses.

Last year, while constructing the Unicode glyphs portion of the app, I started a collection of cell pallets that basically mimic the pallets available in Mathematica. They are built up from primitive textfield mcs for editing a whole block of markup, with the intent of inserting the populated pallet to the script as presentation markup. I've included these pallets as well as a collection of markup tagsets with no functionality at present .. before I take it further, would you be able to give me an overview of your pallet algorithm?

Here's a link to my unfinished reader/writer to give you an idea of where I'm going with it.


Just to clarify, any MathML project published under the name of GalaxyGoo will be released under the Academic Open Source License, for public benefit (no fees).