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Phidgets, Teleo, and Flash...Oh My!

Way back in December, Marcos Weskamp posted about his success with using Flash to communicate with Phidgets. After that post, I put Phidgets at the top of my very short Christmas wishlist. A set showed up under the tree for me.

Still haven't had time to do much with them, yet. Reviving my rusty visual basic skills keeps sitting at the bottom of my to-do list. If only wish lists and to-do lists could synch up a little better :-)

At last week's Flash Forward, the folks at Making Things showed off a similar product, but theirs has a Flash API ready to go. I asked if it was possible to use phidget hardware with their software: no luck. Still it looks like a lot of fun.

Apparently, some of the heavy hitters of the Flash Universe are indeed having fun with the Making Things product Teleo.


Hi Kristin,

Teleo seems pretty good too!!
Still, don't say goodbye to your phidgets yet.
Really bussy days have been keeping me from publishing the Phidget Flash player I've been working on during my free time.
I'm currently developing a whole .as library with a very simple API through which you can connect and communicate with phidgets very easily.

If you're interested, I'll drop you a line when it's ready to go:)

I'm definitely interested!