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Jonathan Kaye offers free presentation with Breeze

If you're interested in building simulators with Flash, I encourage you to contact Jonathan about his Introduction to Programming Equipment Simulators in Flash (a Breeze Live presentation).

And if you don't already have a copy, check out his book: Flash MX for Interactive Simulation. It's one of the best Flash books in print, in my opinion.

Introduction to Programming Equipment Simulators in Flash

Flash is an excellent platform for developing simulators that replicate the
functionality of equipment, allowing workers to learn and practice
operational skills in a safe way. Once a device has more than a few
buttons, though, the complexity of programming it in a maintainable way
becomes challenging. Jonathan Kaye, co-author of the book "Flash MX for
Interactive Simulation: How to Construct and Use Device Simulations,"
(www.FlashSim.com) is leading an Internet-based talk/discussion on software
best practices for building medium to complex device simulators. This
session is geared to intermediate or advanced Flash developers (as well as
other developers with a background in OOP), and introduces the fundamentals
of UML statecharts for describing and coding process and user interface
behavior, in Flash MX 2004.

The session is divided into two parts. The first part, approximately 1 hour,
introduces the concepts in the context of building an analog/digital watch.
For those interested in seeing hands-on application, the second part,
approximately 1 hour, applies the concepts in building a traffic light
system (for example, http://www.FlashSim.com/trafficWorld.html), and shows
how to use the free simulation construction tools provided on FlashSim.

Jonathan will conduct the session using Macromedia Breeze Live
(http://www.macromedia.com/breeze/) during the month of April. Each session
will have only 3-4 simultaneous connections, so it is encouraged that groups
of interested developers at the same site share a connection to allow groups
in other sites to participate.

Jonathan is in the process of scheduling the sessions to be appropriate to
developers around the world. Please contact Jonathan at info@FlashSim.com
to let him know of your interest and any suggested dates and times (with
time zones, please!), before he completes the scheduling.