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Flash MathML Resources

We're setting up an online Flash MathML Lab.

What kind of resources would you like to see there?



I'm interested by your MathML Flash Reader, but I can't find any source or fla to work with...

Is it open source ?

Hi Niko,

Edwin's posted the source to his in the forums, linked from the MathML page listed in this post. As soon as I get time, I plan to post my attepts as well (which still need a little work before I publish).

Yes, the project is open source under the academic open source licence. We are also publishing for public benefit=no licence fees.

Hi Niko! As far as I can tell, that link will only give you a view of the app .. the only way to get Edwin's example is to sign up with Galaxygoo's MathML project and really get involved .. we'd love to have your support!

His application's addy is in one of the blog posts, where you can also find my attempt at a MathML Unicode Reader/Writer, with display functionality based on Edwin's AS2 data structure. I won't provide a link here because it's unfinished and not ready for public consumption, but you can download the bones from the project blog.

It's easy to miss, since it's in the text of a post on that thread, but Edwin did post a zip with source for his MathML reader. It's about 7 posts down the thread.

Aaah yess .. so it is .. and I even answered the post! Well, perhaps I instilled some excitement for Niko and others to join the project. BTW .. We haven't heard from Edwin since then .. he must be busy elsewhere.

I think he's very busy these days, even busier than me :-) I haven't heard back from him in a couple of weeks.