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Changing registration point of movie clip in MX04?

I've been working in FlashMX 2004, and just got stuck on something in the authoring environment. Where is that interface, for changing the location of the registration point of a movie clip?! A quick point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


Either click Modify in the Control bar or Right-click the symbol, then choose 'Convert to Symbol' and you'll find it in the pop-up!

or.. if you already have a simbol.. double clik on it (so you enter it for editing), then choose: Window/Design Panels/align .. click on the "to stage" icon and then select the simbol elemnts and align them as you want..

.. or highlight the symbol and click F8!

When first creating a movieClip there is a little grid you can use to set the registration point. Where is the tool for that, after the clip's been made?

Use Q to change to the transform tool, it will give you the circular handle along with the surrounding grid. Drag this circular handle to move the registration point.


The Transform tool in 2004 SUCKS in MX you could snap the point of influence to the corners or the side just by dragging the circle to the handles in 2004 it doesn't snap at all. I hate.

All of the 3 solutions I gave you work whether you're converting graphic symbols or wishing to change previously made mcs. That window with the 9-point grid pops up .. just don't change the behavior of the mc while you change the registration point, and you're good to go.

Just another one to add: Click symbol on stage and press Ctrl+i (Info pane) which also displays the 9 point registration grid.

p.s. @ Jason : Have you tried switching on the snapping because it works here. (Click transform tool and in tool palette a snapping (magnet) icon appears.)


This should be your saver today.
Once you download this, now you have a new command from command menu, which should be called "ResetTransPoint" or something. Have fun!

Using F8 did the trick!