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Word Woes

Really, I don't know how folks avoid complete frustration when using Microsoft software. I just turned in my speaker's notes for Flash Forward, and thankfully shut down Word.

I'm wondering if anyone out there knows how to accomplish this in Word: highlight a block of text and turn off spell-check for that block, but leaving spell-check on for the rest of the document. Why? So the program will stop marking and re-marking my code snippets with what it "thinks" are spelling and grammar errors.


Warning: this advice is from a Word layman! :) Highlight your new phrase and the spell-check icon appears (rec/with a check) .. click it and press 'add' .. it adds previously unused words (auto-highlighted) one new word for each 'add' click to either the default:main or custom dictionary (depending which one you're using (tools\options\spelling and grammer tab). Added words will now be available as valid everytime you use them in Word.

You need to create a new style: format > styles and formatting. Click the New Style button and then the Format button in the pop-up. Select Language from the list and you should see a checkbox marked 'Do not check spelling and grammar'. Apply the new style to your paragraph.

I only found this out because somebody had done this to the normal default style and I wondered why spell check wasn't working.

Thanks! Those are both great strategies.