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Pushing the Envelope: Saving text to Disk from Flash

Sometimes I just love blogs! A few days ago, I made one of those "thinking out loud" posts. The resulting comments were much more interesting than my original post. And Gregg Wygonik posted a method for saving a text file to disk from Flash (using Internet Explorer), on his blog. Yeah Gregg!!

The method works for Internet Exlporer. If you're the glass-is-half-empty type, you may be saying, "but this only works with IE!" True, but it's a good step. Flash has proven itself to be a fantastic solution for user interface of complex internet applications, now it needs some additional functionality. Folks want to save the results they've produced, without having to use a database or other server-side tools.

A mini-rant here: how will the browser and authoring tool makers know what we need if we don't show them? Internet technology improved incredibly when developers (professional and amateur) were constantly pushing the limits on what could be done with available tools. Let's keep pushing.