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Lunch at Flash Forward

Are you going to Flash Forward? I've made reservations for lunch on Wednesday, at a restaurant near the conference.

If you'd like to join us, post a comment or send me a note so I can update the reservation. blogging at galaxygoo dot org.

So far, it looks like there's going to be about eight of us. If you run into me at the conference, and want to join us, be sure to mention it to me. The restaurant will do their best to accomodate us, but we have to give them some room to plan.

FYI: my access to email will be sporadic during the conference.


i'll be there - staying @ the holiday inn on 8th. leave a msg on my hotel room phone. i'll be in later on tuesday and wont be back in the room until around 11pm or so.

i would love to attend lunch :)

you can email details too maybe: ericd@ericd.net

Great! Details are on their way to you :-)

I'm in.

details are on the way :-)

should we plan to meet up somewhere for the walk over to the restaurant? So I don't get lost and wonder around SF all day ;)

Excellent idea!

Let's meet out front of the conference building, and be ready to walk over to the restaurant at 11:30. I'll be easy to spot, since I'm probably the only one at the conference who is somewhat short, wears glasses, and is very pregnant ;-)

If you miss us out front, catch up at the restaurant:

Absinthe Brasserie and Bar
398 Hayes Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
Cross Street: Gough
Phone: (415) 551-1590


I should be able to make it. Count me in!

- Daniel

That's great! Hey congratulations on the new job, by the way.

Sorry I'm late, but I look forward to catching ya'll either at Herbst 11:300 or at Absinthe (Hayes/Gough) a bit later. (If you've already called in reservations then I can stand outside the window pouting, s'cool.... 8)


John, there's plenty of room for you at the table. Glad you'll be joining us!

awesome - i'll be out front at 11:30 to meet you guys. met danny last night.