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Georgia Drops (and then restores) Evolution from State Science Curriculum

In response to the Georgia Department of Education's removal of evolution from the state science curriculum, Alan I. Leshner (AAAS CEO) writes:

Moreover, one section of the Georgia draft could open the door for teaching non-science based concepts such as creationism or intelligent design theory in science classrooms, and that would be wrong. The scientific community respects diverse viewpoints, and we have no problem, of course, with teaching philosophy and moral concepts in non-science courses. But, such concepts should not be taught as equivalent to scientific theories in science classrooms, lest we mislead students about the criteria for something to be considered scientific. To reap the full benefits of science and technology, it is just as important to know what is and isn't science-based, as it is to know the scientific content itself.
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While dropping evolution from the curriculum was an attempt to avoid controversy, the decision became a controversy itself. After intense criticism, evolution has been restored to the Georgia science curriculum.


Another example why I'm not raising kids here.

Ah, but they did the right thing, in the end.

We're still stupider than Alabama (no more Alabama jokes), and still 50th in the US, morals & ethics non-withstanding.

Still, your right, better a foot forward than nothing.

My understanding is that the word "Evolution" was removed in an effort to avoid controvercy, and not for ideological reasons. But they didn't see the danger in that action. Sometimes it's important to stand up to controvercy, and do the right thing.

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