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Censored at the Source

It seems like a whole lifetime ago, but I used to do commercial web development. My company still exists (although cash flow is more like a trickle) and I occasionally do work for the clients that have stuck with me over the years. Today, I was working on some minor updates to a site when I noticed something that had me stumped for a few minutes.

All the modified files were uploaded to the server, and I was double checking it all through my browser. Everything was fine...except that the header graphic was missing on all pages! It was there when I looked with Dreamweaver. It was there when I looked at the site with a different computer. But there was no trace of the graphic through the browser on this machine.

I used view source on both machines. On this one, the img tag was completely missing. What?! Where did it go?!

Just as a hunch, I tried changing the name of the image file. Surprise, surprise! Once I changed the images name from "banner.gif" to "header.gif", the browser rendered it. My browser, or something on this machine, was censoring the source code. The implications of this are still bouncing around my brain. I am not a happy camper.

If I didn't have deadlines looming, I'd be researching this like mad....will have to wait for later.


Install net nanny... and see a lot more disappear... like all the terms of service pages which get flaged since most of them mention the work 'porn' (ref: no porn is allowed or is used on this site blah blah....)

its god to test with it on and all options enabled...

I hadn't realized this stuff had gotten so out of hand. What a pain! Sure makes me miss the early days...even with the backgrounds that made text unreadable, since I could just change that with my browser myself.

if you have norton AntiSpam installed it blocks some common banner sizes, so if you happen to have a header which is 468x60, sometimes they dont render and all HTML source is stripped before rendered to the browser.

that took me a good few minutes to figure out and disable.

Sounds like it could have been a permissions issue. Sometimes if you create an image from photoshop and shft+ctrl+alt+s it to the production dir, it doesn't pick up the correct permissions...might be something to consider. Well, I went back and re-read your issue, and it may be more of a caching thing. You could try putting it back in as 'banner.gif?randomvar' and see if that has anything to do with it too. I dunno, I guess I just felt like writing ;)

The html, for the page, was altered. That's for sure. It didn't just not display the image, the whole img tag was missing from the html when I used "view source".

I really don't like the idea of a borwser that cencors the source code of my documents. This instance is only annoying, but the implications are rathere disturbing to me. Legally, it's an infringement of my copyright.

I understand the intent, to block spam. But it's not executed in a reasonable manner, in my opinion. Censorship isn't the answer to spam.