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Umm...Java Isn't JavaScript

Is it just me, or are people still confused about the difference between Java and JavaScript?

Here's an actual quote from an online article: The addition of JavaScript extends development to Java developers. Is the author saying that Director supports Java Applets? Given the rest of the text, this does not seem to be what was actually meant.


Just like AS2 is developed in a more "Java Friendly" format, so too is MM's goal for Director and the implementation of a JavaScript like syntax, so my inferences go.

I agree, people are still confused, and those who do not actually use the languages could care less.

I think the article was focusing on the marketing behind adding a JS like syntax, not what technicalities that syntaxt actually follows. I wouldn't fret as Java gets enough respect already, but people like you certainly help.

...maybe it's better to say it this way:

The article is making the assumption that Java developers find an easier time learning JavaScript'esque languages vs. VisualBasic.

Whether that is true or not, I don't know, but after seeing a miniscule of amount of Java at work, I'd say JavaScript would be easier for Java types.

... and JScript is Neither Java or JavaScript!
who came up with the names anyways? that person should be expelled from the internet.

JavaScript syntax is pretty close to Java, in general. Particularly if you compare with Lingo.

The new JavaScript language makes Director more accessible to programmers of most languages.

I thought the Java syntax was based on C(++), and that the difference between the two is that Java is fully Object-OriŽnted and system-independant (well, that's the reason Java was invented, anyway).
So you have C, make it strictly object-oriŽnted and call it Java, then remove the strictness and come up with the name "JavaScript"...

I think this puppy will only come home when you shout CScript at it =]