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Thoughts on saving a bitmap to disk from Flash

This thread, over at Flash Goddess, got me thinking about some of the inner workings of Flash. Funny, but I hadn't really thought about how Flash manages to send data to a printer, but can't save that same data to the system. I guess that from a security standpoint, sending data down the bus to the printer is much like sending it to a web server, and leaves the user's system safe and sound. So, that's got me thinking of the internet as a peripheral device to my system, just like my printer.

Back to the practical, perhaps with Central the whole save to disk issue will give Flash an all new range of uses and position it as a powerful tool for creating applications. hmmm...


mobile code and local/remote resource access will continue to be a big issue as we move towards more connected applications. java handles this with signed code, which still has some problems.. ie. browser/plugin imcompatibilies and such... but for now, I think for any *real* access to local resource and networks, which would be a major boost for central-type apps, MM might have to consider code-signing too... however, i wonder how that plays into the current architecture... as mesh points out on this post [http://www.markme.com/mesh/archives/004176.cfm] there is still some sort of quasi-local access now through addToLocalInternetCache and such... i'm still studying the SDK... in the end, i'm just hoping we have a good balance of local/remote access (power) and security

Wouldn't it be nice, if we could send data to a peripheral device other than the printer? Say, a 32M memory stick that plugs into a USB port?

By the way, if Mike Chambers is reading this: Thank you for the Central goodies!

a weird "hackish" thing that is possible with IE4+ (PC and Mac), is that any text-based output format can be getURL("javascript:")'ed out to a hidden IFrame and then execCommand("saveAs")'ed to save the file locally. serious hack... :-) if Flash could work with binary data types, then this type of odd work-around might make it possible to save all sorts of things. someday *sigh* :-)

I actually built an application that allows you to upload Jpegs, bmps, gifs, pdf, swfs, etc, to a webserver, the ASP on the server will automatically compress the image, scale it to fit the app, and convert it to a JPEG "AND" when all that is done, it loads it into the flash movie, it took some special tricks, expecially for the timing, (which uses a localConnection) anyways you can see it working at two locations www.streamingbusinesscard.com (you can sign up for free) and my favorite http://feministplanet.com/buttondesigner/

zaxis, very cool. Can the resulting jpeg be saved to the user's local drive?