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Support GalaxyGoo and Get a Gift

This week, I met with a fundraiser and grant writer. The meeting was productive, and I barely noticed the hours pass by. I've got a lot of work ahead of me, as we move this organization to the next level and keep GalaxyGoo sustainable and growing.

You can help. The way the tax laws currently work, a portion of our income must come from the general public and not from grants and foundations. Your small donation can help us continue to provide our educational projects for free.

Companies can also help by offering a matching gift program, increasing both our budget and our "demonstration of public support". Ask your company if they are interested in sponsoring GalaxyGoo. While $2,000 may be a small item in a company's budget, it can go a long way at GalaxyGoo

As a small thank you gift, for donations over $25 (US), we're sending out CD's with all of the GalaxyGoo Blogathon 2003 project experiments.

Because GalaxyGoo is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization, your donation may be tax deductible (minus $5 for materials, shipping, and paypal fee).