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Best Defence Against Blog-Comment Spam

Folks are resorting to all kinds of hacks, work-arounds and plug-ins to deal with the Vandalism we call blog-comment spam. But some of the best advice I've seen is posted on the front page of the Movable Type site:

Of course, there are no perfect defenses, and if you're truly concerned about the comments on your weblog, the best defense is prevention by closing old comment threads.

I've had very good luck with this, so far. In the next version of Movable Type, I'd like to see tools that make it easier to toggle comments off while in power-editing mode. Adding a check box next to the publish/draft check box would be very handy.



That is good advice provided by MovableType. However, I couldn' find a way to close all the threads, and exempt just a few. This would mean that I would have to close each one individually. I am in the process of doing this. The complicated way would be to export my list, and then do a search replace on the comment level. Then delete all the entries, and import the newly created list. I have found great success in mt-blacklist. I also upgraded to v2.66i of movableType. So far (one day) I have been free of spam... lol...

Kristin .. speaking of blog spam, there were new comments created January 25 on most of the MathLinks blog categories (about 10 entries per category)! They all seem to be involved in the same discussion, so it may be a problem with Trackback pings polluting the blog.

Dominick, unfortunately you currently do have to go through and close coments on threads individually. Time comsuming, but effective :-)

Have you tried the list-entries page? When we did the blogathon, I used the power-editing mode (linked from list-entries page) to quickly publish entries. It would be great to be able to turn comments on and off from that page. Hopefully, that feature will be added to the next release of MovableType.

Requirement for registration to comment could also be controlled this way. That way, we could still allow open comments on new posts, and restrict comments to registered persons for older posts.

Richard...Yikes! I hadn't noticed them, but those are definitely nasty spam, in sheeps clothing.

All deleted now, and comments closed.

MathLinks would be well suited for registration before commenting, since the posts are more archival than frequently updated.

I've been working on a links database app for GG members, perhaps we should think about moving your mathLinks to a new home...part of the project is to have links tagged by various members, as individual bookmarks.

That sounds like a good idea .. I'll update the links over the next few weeks to get ready for the transition. I'm not signed up yet for the links database project .. please sign me up! Will you be using the same html format for the entries, or should I just make a list?

Richard, you're now on the project. See ya there :-)