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Mathematical Knowledge Management workshop

Second North American Workshop on
Mathematical Knowledge Management

January 6, 2004
Phoenix, Arizona

If I had time, I'd be attending this workshop. Anyone able to attend, and interested in reporting on proceedings for GalaxyGoo?

From the email notification:

What is MKM?

Mathematical Knowledge Management (MKM) is an exciting new field in
the intersection of mathematics and computer science. The need for
good MKM is great: mathematical knowledge is mathematics' treasure;
it is vital to engineering, science, and mathematics itself, and it
is used by millions of people. The challenge of MKM is also great:
mathematical knowledge is unsurpassed in its extent, richness, and
interconnectedness. Current technology is not capable of
fulfilling this need and meeting this challenge. New and more
sophisticated theory and technology is required.


The purpose of NA-MKM 2004 is to introduce the issues and
challenges of MKM to the North American mathematics community. The
goal will be to share ideas and to explore ways mathematicians and
MKM researchers can collaborate.