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Edwin's Flash MathML Reader

Edwin's posted a link to the MathML reader he's working on. Notice that he's got an example with a complex fraction! That's something I've been having trouble with.

GalaxyGoo Working Forums - Small example of MathML reader


That is really, really cool. What a break-through!

yeah, it is! And I need to get off my bottom, and post my work too. I've been letting myself get bogged down in getting the complex fractions to work properly. Can't let Edwin get all the glory, while I sit on my code. ;-)

nice. thanks for passing this on! we've been working at day job on a COM+ object that translates MathML into a more basic XML display format for a Flash front-end. i'm not sure if we'll be able to release it all freely, but i'll keep you posted. (though i know your work is more direct :-) g.

That sounds very interesting. Be sure to keep us posted on what you can share.