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webMathematica upgrade going well

The installation of our webMathematica (and Mathematica) upgrade, on the new box is going very well. There was a problem with performance speed, but seems to be all cleared up. We should be switching over very soon.

My cold is fading, at long last. As soon as I'm fully healthy, I'm getting a flu shot. If this is what the season's cold will do, I don't want to find out how bad the flu can get.


Where can I download webMathematica?
I need it!

You'll have to contact Wolfram Research for a copy of webMathematica. http://www.wolfram.com I could be wrong, but I don't believe that you can download it.


i've been looking at what you guys are doing with webMath'a as well as all the good things happening here... on the background (for about 5 months), i've been working with java applets and flash--i know, i know, I could be flamed for this ;P--and maybe in the not-so-distant future, we could merge on some projects.

i shd be able to give u a preview of FLAVA (FlAsh/JAva) in about a week or so, as I am still setting up the website and polishing the code. Let me know if you are interested.