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Problem sending query string with loadVars in Central

Recently, I've been modifying our word search game for Central.

The first step was to get rid of all the _root syntax, from when the application was first written in Falsh5. This is an important step for modifying an existing application, since _root would refer to the Central environment, instead of the root of the application.

Next step, was testing in the Central environment. For that, I'd need a product ID, which goes in the product.xml file. Uploaded the application and product.xml to my server, along with that handy installer. Ready to test!

Everything looked good, except that the data needed to generate the grid of letters wasn't coming through. It seems that there is a problem with sending a query string with loadVars, from within Central.

For example, this fails to return the desired results from within Central:

myLoadVars = new loadVars();

myLoadVars.load("http://www.mydomain.com/myOtherVars.cfm?myVar=" + localVar);

The same swf works fine, outside of Central.

I'm still investigating what the problem could be, and asking lots of questions.