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Interview on ActionScript.com

Recently, Vera Fleischer interviewed me for ActionScript.com. I think it turned out well. Perhaps I'm being a bit shy, but Vera's introduction is extremely flattering to me. Seems like I have a lot to live up to now :-)

Back to my box of tissues and tea, now...


On the webMathematica front:

MathML, SVG, and XML Support
Support for MathML and SVG is built into webMathematica 2.0, allowing you to describe equations and graphics in standard XML formats that can be read by browsers.

You could use one of those features to integrate with Flash easily.

Awesome interview Kristin & Vera :) Always nice to see more attention drawn to gGoo! Keep it up :)

Thanks for commenting, Greg. Yes, webMathematica 2.0 will greatly ease development of new projects. We're currently upgrading.

Thanks, Edwin! :-)

Flattering? I'm just telling it how it is. :)