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3D classes for AS2.0

Nice resource:
Creating 3D Classes with ActionScript 2.0


Wow .. that is a great tutorial! It really simplifies the thought process towards implementing AS2 class structure. Now, I'll need to rewrite many of my classes in my own AS2 library, tossing out those classes that Chad has made redundant, and incorporate the new interface to take full advantage of his excellent architecture. Don't you just love open source?!!

Oh yeah! Open source is like an open mind...it sets you free.

Did you check the processor usage. My 3 Ghz was moving at around 30% i think. I love 3d as much as the next guy, im actually using a few api's myself and have started to convert an existing api to as 2.0, however we still need native support or we may never reap the benefits of many of the other plugins 3d capabilities.