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Current Status of upgrade to webMathematica 2.0

Here's the current standing of our upgrade to webMathematica 2.0:

We have two major problems to overcome:

1. Version 2.0 is not completely backward-compatible with version 1.0. As soon as the new version is installed, all current webMathematica applications on the server may cease to function.

2. The installation is tricky, and doesn't indicate there is a problem until the end of the installation process. The first attempt to upgrade failed, and we reverted to the original installation.

What we're going to do:

1. Rent a temporary server to install Version 2.0

2. Get it up and running, and modify our applications to function on the new architecture

3. Swap servers.

This approach will minimize downtime, and give us room to breath and learn the new version of webMathematica while we make the transition.

Update: Things may not be so bad, when it comes to backward compatibility. We'll find out how many changes we'll need to make to ur applications once the installation is done. Keeping my fingers crossed.


You should be able to continue running your webMathematica version 1 applications under version 2 with minimal, if any, changes to the code. My site (www.quickmath.com) uses version 1 code throughout (i.e. MSP pages), even though the server has now been upgraded to version 2.

Thanks, Ben. That's very good to know.