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Next Flash Challenge: Fractal Landscapes

A few weeks ago, folks here were talking about the next GalaxyGoo Flash Challenge. It looks like we're going with fractal landscapes. The theme is fairly open, so landscapes based on math in general, are also welcome.

Before we begin the challenge, there are a couple things that we need to discuss as a community:

1. When to start? Now, or after there's been time to get used to Flash7?

2. Prizes are nice, but they don't encourage collaboration. Perhaps we could run a "qualifying" round, where participants work together, and have the main event be more like the blogathon project we did in July (but with a sane schedule)--where we each post our entries, on the same day, on GalaxyGoo's "curiouser" blog.

If you're interested in participating, please post your thoughts in the comments here, in our forums, or send me an note at "challenge" at our domain.