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Fractal Landscapes Flash Challenge Begins

For this challenge, we're trying something different. To encourage collaboration, while maintaining an element of competition, the challenge in the forums will be a qualifying round for participation in the GalaxyGoo Curiouser Blog and inclusion in the Contributing Authors list for the GalaxyGoo website.

Theme: Fractal Landscapes!

Goal: To share ideas and explore artistic and scientific expressions in the medium of Flash.

Rules: Be creative, comment and share your code, site your references and influences...give credit where credit is due. GalaxyGoo Employees and contract service providers are ineligible to win.

How to enter:
Post in the GalaxyGoo forums, and upload a zipped file with your swf, fla and any supporting files. A readme.txt file is encouraged. If you're not already a registered member, registration will be necessary.

first draft: by October 17

second draft: by October 31

Final draft: by November 14