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Nominee for Best Visual Arts Project

WooHoo! The GalaxyGoo Blogathon project is one of three nominees for the "Best Visual Arts Project" for the Blogathon 2003


Wow, awesome!!! My fingers are crossed :)

Mine are too! Yey!

From the site:
"Winners and prizes will be announced the week of August 10."

*grrrr*... No winners announced yet... I'm an impatient guy, so... *grrrrr*...

Patience, Edwin ... the wheel isn't grinding presently ... from Cat's main page:

Tuesday, August 12, 2003
Email delay

To all those waiting anxiously for the award winners: I'm moving this week, and it looks like the cable company goofed and shut off my home service a few days early. This also means it will be difficult for me to respond to emails. Everything should be back to normal next week.
by...Cat Connor... Tuesday, August 12, 2003