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We Did It!!!

We did it! We survived the blogathon, GalaxyGoo style!

what we did:

For 24 hours, every 30 minutes, we posted a different Flash experiment (with source code), on a special GalaxyGoo blog for the event.

why we did it:

As part of the Blogathon 2003 event, as a fundraiser for GalaxyGoo (a non-profit organization), and for the fun of the challenge.

what now:

There's still time to pledge your support, and make a donation through the blogathon.


Special thanks got to my fellow bloggers (Edwin Heijmen, Richard Wright, and Mike Johnson) and to our donors.


Congratulations Kirstin.

hey, congrats... i'm away in NY but i'll catch up on your b'thon posts when i get home mid-week. congrats for getting through

You guys are troopers! Great job!!