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How do you see your computer?

Today's Chronicle has an interesting piece on the Sally Ride Space Camp.

Part of the girls' disinterest stems from societal stereotypes that say boys will excel in science or technology and girls won't, Silva said. But an equally important factor is the way girls and boys approach the fields, she said.

"Girls approach the computer as a tool -- it's useful primarily for what it can do," Silva said. "Boys more often view the computer as a toy or an extension of themselves -- what they can make of it, what they can do with it."

~ Science for the girls of summer / Camp programs encourage them to pursue careers in technology

Interesting....I must confess a tendency to approach the computer as a tool, when it's "work". But when I'm in the groove, it's almost as if my fingertips are part of the keyboard.


And I the other way. To me, it's just one big toy. I has of yet, however, to personify it with positive qualities such as, "My baby will beast in you in polygons per second!"