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Flashy Daydreams

Is it too early to start daydreaming about what the next version of Flash will be like? Will I have to learn how to use Flash all over again?

Rather than worry, I'm daydreaming about new features. Here's a few:

-mouse wheel detection and support
-easy stylus/versus mouse detection
-collapsible code and comments in the actionscript editor
-component architecture: streamlined- and more user-friendly (no more deeply nested folders)


I'm kinda said Flash MX is getting too good code-wise while there are some *basic* stuff they could add to the plugin which would make it 100 times better. Let me add,

* better/more powerful "manual" easing tweening schemes, a la director
* mc blend modes, a la photoshop (screen, multiply, etc), hopefully with programmatically/custom modes
* XM/other track formats support, even if basic

Hum... that's all I can think now, but that's something I've been wanting on Flash since 3.0!


* "better, stronger, faster" calculation speed
* directX/opengl support

One can only dream.


Everything else is a bonus (positive or negative)... The lack of speed in Flash is frustrating to say the least... Fortunately there's still Processing, Alambik, TKScript, etc... :)

But anyways... Speed is what matters the most to me, it's about time Flash starts to live up to its name!! :)

Here is my list ( all related to text - must be from working on that Blog Viewer component ):

- have built in support for the browser refresh/back buttons without losing the state of the application
- be able to change color on rollover of a string in the middle of a block of text
- be able to change status message in the lower left corner of the browser without JavaScript

In short, I want Flash to replace HTML :).