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Blogathon, July 26th 2003

We're in this year's Blogathon! A special GalaxyGoo blog has been set up, which will also serve as an archive.

What will we be blogging? Experimental Flash! Every 30 minutes, we'll post a different experiment or variation.

This is a fundraiser, so be sure to sponsor GalaxyGoo in the 2003 Blogathon!


i learnt about the blogathon through your first post on it, and i'm glad you decided to join in... so what's it going to be? 48 posts? wow... can't wait to see what u'll be bringing to us... meanwhile, i wish you guys success in the effort and hope you raise nuff funds... cheers


Yep, 48 posts...I'll be spending the next week, writing code like crazy and letting my creativity run free :-)

Any support is appreciated, especially moral support! Cash is good, too :-) If we get a lot of $5-25 pledges we'll be happy. Tell a friend.

Woohoo!! We just got our first sponsor!

Whoever "annonymous" is, thank you!