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Blogathon for GalaxyGoo?

It's been suggested that we participate in the Blogathon 2003 as a fundraiser for GalaxyGoo...we actually are a 501( c)(3) non-profit organization. Seems almost poetic, for an organization that experiments with web technologies to blog and benefit from something like a blogathon.

Before I commit to 24 hours of non-stop blogging, I need some feedback...so post your thoughts in the comments.

We're going for it!

If you'd like to contribute some experimental flash to the effort, send me an email. If you'd like to contribute cash to the effort, stay tuned for a link to the blogathon site.


I'm not online very often during weekends and evenings, at most 2 hours per weekend, since I have only a small clunky dialup line :( So not sure if I would be of much use, sorry...

On the idea of a 24-hour non-stop blogathon itself... I'm not sure if it appeals to me in the gGoo case, seems more of a thing suited for 'personal' blogs rather than 'service-related' blogs to me... I would definitely not expect to check out the gGoo blog after July 26th and find a few hundred entries that I doubt would all live up to the informative & high-quality level of the current entries... But who knows? :)

Anyways... I think the idea itself has its merits, but it doesn't really appeal to me, esp not in this case... Then again, I don't even own a blog nor do I plan to, so what am I talking about anyways?! :)

My 2 Euro-cents...

Good points Edwin

We wouldn't be doing it as anyone else would ;-)

I've already gotten the OK from Cat herself, for GalaxyGoo to be the beneficiary, as a special case.

And yes, quality is important, and I woudn't want to sacrifice in that area. I'm planning to post flash experiments, and variations on them. This would include projects like the celtic knots I've been working on (which could become crystalographic representations, eventually, but are still experimental).

Nothing has been committed yet, but if I move ahead, I'll need to start writing my entries now. While they may be published in a blogathon, they must hold their own with normal GalaxyGoo Blog posts.

If it comes to writing entries in advance that you might be able to use 'when the time comes', I think I (and others) would be able to help with that... I hadn't even considered that option...

Is it possible to run a script server-side that adds another entry from a list of entries every 15 mins or so? :)


We'd need to post approximately every 30 minutes, giving us a minumum of 48 posts to write.

According to the rules, we can not use a script. Although we can write our posts ahead of time.

If I have at least one other volunteer to write posts, I'll register for the blogathon. We don't have a lot of time to write, so a desicion needs to be made in the next two days.

So what is the latest update, the above one (enter the Blogathon) or the update on the main entry (decline the Blogathon)? :)

We're going for it!

I've updated the update, too :-)

This could be lots of fun. I've set up a separate blog for this, so it won't wreak havok with the aggregators and so that the whole thing will be archived in one place.