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July 28, 2003

Final Days of Jellyfish

Only one week left, to get your entries in for the GalaxyGoo Summer Flash Challenge. This time around, the theme is "jellyfish".

If you're shy about posting in the forum, you can send your entry to challengeATgalaxygooDOTorg.

You must be 18 or over to enter.

July 27, 2003

We Did It!!!

We did it! We survived the blogathon, GalaxyGoo style!

what we did:

For 24 hours, every 30 minutes, we posted a different Flash experiment (with source code), on a special GalaxyGoo blog for the event.

why we did it:

As part of the Blogathon 2003 event, as a fundraiser for GalaxyGoo (a non-profit organization), and for the fun of the challenge.

what now:

There's still time to pledge your support, and make a donation through the blogathon.


Special thanks got to my fellow bloggers (Edwin Heijmen, Richard Wright, and Mike Johnson) and to our donors.

July 25, 2003

Blogathon is Tomorrow

The big day is tomorrow!

GalaxyGoo Blogathon 2003

The first post goes live at 6am (Pacific) Saturday morning, and will be followed every 30 minutes for 24 hours. I'll be taking the main shift, and Edwin's taking over at midnight.

We're scrambling to get all 48 experiments together. Will we make it? Want to help us make it? If you've got flash experiments you'd like to contribute, send me a note(bloggingATgalaxygooDOTorg).

Each experiment will be posted with downloadable source code. So, if you build on one of the experiments, we'd love to see it. Post a link to your version in the comments for that experiment.

July 22, 2003

OOP vs onEnterFrame

First I must confess my bias: while OOP has its strengths, I often prefer a procedural approach.

For the past few days, I've been going through old experiments, and have found that I just don't like rigid OOP design, especially when it comes to programmatic animation.

Simple things like using a single onEnterFrame, and looping through all instances of a clip each frame instead of a separate onEnterFrame for each clip (as part of an object), can greatly improve performance. This is where I find OOP challenging...how to keep oop structure but only use one onEnterFrame?

I'm toying with a hybrid, and I'm curious what others are doing.

Even if there are improvements in the next player's performance, optimization is still important.

July 18, 2003

Blogathon, July 26th 2003

We're in this year's Blogathon! A special GalaxyGoo blog has been set up, which will also serve as an archive.

What will we be blogging? Experimental Flash! Every 30 minutes, we'll post a different experiment or variation.

This is a fundraiser, so be sure to sponsor GalaxyGoo in the 2003 Blogathon!

Blogathon for GalaxyGoo?

It's been suggested that we participate in the Blogathon 2003 as a fundraiser for GalaxyGoo...we actually are a 501( c)(3) non-profit organization. Seems almost poetic, for an organization that experiments with web technologies to blog and benefit from something like a blogathon.

Before I commit to 24 hours of non-stop blogging, I need some feedback...so post your thoughts in the comments.

We're going for it!

If you'd like to contribute some experimental flash to the effort, send me an email. If you'd like to contribute cash to the effort, stay tuned for a link to the blogathon site.

July 17, 2003

GalaxyGoo is now a Macromedia Affiliate

We just got approved for the macromedia affiliate program. If you purchase a product, through this link, GalaxyGoo benefits. Cool beans!

July 15, 2003

technology for higher education conference

Conference-at-a-Glance - Syllabus2003 Summer Conference

Are you going? I'd love to hear all about it.

MIT opencourseware: Common Sense Reasoning for Interactive Applications

MIT OpenCourseWare | Media Arts and Sciences | MAS.964 Common Sense Reasoning for Interactive Applications, Fall 2002

I'll be reading this on my own. If there is enough interest, I'd be happy to set up a "study group" on GalaxyGoo.

July 14, 2003

book publishing model for IT?

Will open source lead the way to more traditional knowledge publishing?

Dangerous thinking: IT User and the Prisoner of Licencing

Flash Conferences

Just as they've pushed the limits of Flash as a tool, developers are pushing the limits of what makes a Flash conference.

Mario Klingemann's posted his ideas about a Flasholympics, and Jeremy
posted a link in the comments to what looks like a very interesting conference: Flash Evolution 2004.

July 11, 2003


Woo-hoo! We're listed in the mini-blog reader on We're Here.

RSS feeds, by category

We've got RSS feeds by category now! This is going to come in real handy, when we implement our project blogs. You can browse by category in our mini-blog reader, on our main blog page.

Some great instructions on how to set up your own category feeds can be found on the girlie matters blog.

July 09, 2003

How do you see your computer?

Today's Chronicle has an interesting piece on the Sally Ride Space Camp.

Part of the girls' disinterest stems from societal stereotypes that say boys will excel in science or technology and girls won't, Silva said. But an equally important factor is the way girls and boys approach the fields, she said.

"Girls approach the computer as a tool -- it's useful primarily for what it can do," Silva said. "Boys more often view the computer as a toy or an extension of themselves -- what they can make of it, what they can do with it."

~ Science for the girls of summer / Camp programs encourage them to pursue careers in technology

Interesting....I must confess a tendency to approach the computer as a tool, when it's "work". But when I'm in the groove, it's almost as if my fingertips are part of the keyboard.

July 07, 2003

GalaxyGoo Happy Hour

Happy Birthday to the GalaxyGoo Blog! Thursday is the one year anniversary of our blog.

Are you in town (San Francisco)? Want to come celebrate with a Happy Hour? Post in the comments, with your email, so I can send you info on when and where.

July 03, 2003

Flashy Daydreams

Is it too early to start daydreaming about what the next version of Flash will be like? Will I have to learn how to use Flash all over again?

Rather than worry, I'm daydreaming about new features. Here's a few:

-mouse wheel detection and support
-easy stylus/versus mouse detection
-collapsible code and comments in the actionscript editor
-component architecture: streamlined- and more user-friendly (no more deeply nested folders)

July 02, 2003

more than the sum of parts

Here's an interesting thought: according to Clay Shirky, the "user of social software is the group, not the individual." The group is an entity itself and not merely a collection of individuals.

-- via enterFrame --