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PDF In Blog Aggregators?

When I browse a blog aggregator, I have certain expectations. There's generally a topic involved. But more basic than that, I expect links to web based file formats, not a direct link to a pdf. While the pdf format has it's purpose, blogging really shouldn't be one of them. Launching the plug-in brings the browsing experience to a halt and reminds one of why the Flash player is so great (you don't notice the player itself).

Imagine you're sitting at the table with your first cup of coffee, and the newspaper. A headline catches your eye, and you start reading the article. This one's particularly interesting, so instead of skipping to the next story on the page, you go to page A12. But just as your leafing through the pages, Harry Potter turns your newspaper into a dvd. Rather inconvenient.

Instead of linking directly to pdf files, why not set up a blog for summaries of the content of those files?


Well to be fair to aggregators the links from excerpts are invariably the result of what the syndicated blog author specifies -- all the aggregator does is pull together dispirate feeds into one handy listing.

That's a good point, Geoff. Would you say it's the feed "author" that needs to prepare a buffer between text and pdf? Personally, I see it as a courtesy to readers, much like using thumbnails instead of full sized images for browsing.