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Flash and Java: Silver and Gold?

"Make new friends, but keep the old..."

It's time for me to get out the oil can, turn long neglected mental gears, and start working with Java again. Keeping Flash for the client and refocusing on Java...on the server.

While Macromedia's description of "Royale" is cryptic, perhaps it hints at server-side generation of swf files. They've already got an engine that converts power-point presentation into swf (Breeze). The mind can race through possibilities. My first thought is servlets that dynamically generate flash files for simulations..perhaps even for biochemistry or metabolism models.

Who knows when we'll see the code name "Royale" replaced by a product name? In the mean time, check out the Macromedia - Royale Initiative.


Also don't forget to check out Ming http://ming.sourceforge.net/ which allows dynamic SWF creation on a server using PHP, Perl, Python, etc and Laszlo Presentation Server http://www.laszlosystems.com/ which also does dynamic server-side SWF creation (using XML)...

Plus lots of other exciting Flash-oriented projects out there, it's quite exciting :) (just to name 2, FML http://www.flash-tools.com/fml/ and DENG http://claus.packts.net/deng/ but there are many more...)...

Life can be good...