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Breeze: powerpoint to flash and more

I've been curious about Macromedia's Breeze, but haven't had the time to investigate it. This morning, I had the pleasure of visiting the mother ship for a "Breeze Briefing", and now have a better understanding of what it is and what it does. Basically, it's a plug-in for Power Point that preps the presentation for an engine on the server that converts the file to Flash. It also has content and learning management features.

What about the technical side? Once on the server, the power point content is extracted and converted into an XML based swf file. The meat of the application is server-side. For the author, it turns power point into a Flash authoring environment.

The academic discount is pretty good, and I can see this being very useful to schools and universities. When MathML/Flash tools become well developed, they'd make Breeze a great tool for communicating science and math topics. Especially since any flash file can be embedded in the power point slides.


Yep, I love Breeze too! Have set up a special category for it at Daemonite (http://blog.daemon.com.au/archives/cat_breeze.html), complete with tips, tricks and presentations.