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XML for Cell Bio

Recently, I became aware of an XML application for modeling biochemistry, and cell biology: CellML.

"CellML is intended to support the definition of models of cellular and subcellular processes."

CellML.org - What Is CellML?

Could this, combined with Flash, lead to real-time-online-virtual reality for cell and molecular biology?


There is also SBML, a similar project, using SBML with the SBW, the Systems Biology Workbench which is thought to provide communication between different kinds of simulation tools. We would just need a Flash tool that can communicate with the SBW!!
See the WNT Pathway for an example of a Flash animation of a cellular signal transduction pathway, made by myself during a summer program at Hunter College with Prof. Dottin, in NYC.
If your interested email me! I would love to keep on working with that. (Please don't give the link to too many people as I already got problems with posting this URL).
cheers, rainer