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MathML in Flash: Davis Meeting

A couple weeks ago, Thomas Amsler, invited me to come out to UC Davis and give an informal presentation on what weíve done with mathML, CML, and Flash at GalaxyGoo. So I dusted off the old MathML project files, and decided to start all over again. It had been several months since Iíd last worked on the project.

Itís amazing how helpful it can be to let a project quietly percolate at the back of the brain for a while. So often, a solution to the problem bubbles up all by itself. Now, Iíve got a rough, but working, MathML reader in Flash. I showed it at the meeting, and the reception seemed positive. Iíll post more information about it on the Flash Blog, soon.

A brief note on MathML and CML: the structure of a MathML document differs significantly from any other XML Iíve worked with. Studying Edwinís source files, for his CML reader, I realized what made it so different. While the CML structure (and most other XML structures) is repetitive, the MathML structure is more globular (much like proteins folded into globular structures). Now that I think of it, the display of a MathML document has a lot in common with the folding of a protein.